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I am a woman on a mission to empower women take back the reign of their life and thrive beyond expectations, on their own terms.

The Empowered to Blossom

Unleash the Wonder Woman Within. This is my signature 10 weeks transformation program for the woman who's ready to rise and redefine life on her own terms.

The Wonder Women Club

Join our exclusive Club for those who've been already in the Wonder Woman Program. Every month, we focus on one of the 12 life dimensions for a total Remake and Transformation. Together our growth has ripple effect.

Work with me 1-to-1

In this process, I help you reconnect to your inner compass and design the harmonious and successful life you long for. Our work is to uncover the lies of your saboteurs, get clear on what is getting in your way and design the best strategies for you to get where you desire to be.

Love messages from my clients

I am beyond grateful to Rim. This is not my first coaching experience and by far the best. Rim always over delivered and really showed interest in what I was bringing to the sessions. She helped me build my plan to transform my relationship with my brothers and my relationship to my body. Thank you for bringing me back to loving life.

L. Daniel

D. Brogniart

I always knew I needed to prioritize myself. I needed to speak up but I was struggling with feeling like a bad cop in my family. My fear of being rejected, mocked and excluded by my partner and by my friends kept me small. Thank you Rim for making
me feel safe enough to make the changes I needed to make and thank you for encouraging me to include my husband in the process. He became my biggest allye and our relationship is much more harmonious.

I wanted to lose weight for over 10 years and I tried everything and no matter what, I kept on eating because I needed to feel something inside of me. Rim made me feel safe to express what I burried for 4 decades. I slowly opened up and the TRE sessions we did made me feel my belly again. For the first time in my life, I'm not scared. It's taking me time to feel confortable expressing myself and setting boundaries but it's happening and it's so liberating. I'm learning to love myself and take care of myself.

Thank you for encouraging me and seeing me.

L. B. Ali

S. Arnous

J'ai eu la chance de faire 2 sessions d'EFT avec Rim qui m'ont fait beaucoup de bien & m'ont beaucoup aidée à me libérer d'émotions intenses à une période difficile de ma vie. Rim est bienveillante et à l'écoute & sa douceur m'ont permis de me sentir en confiance. Je recommande vivement ^^

I received 2 tapping sessions from Rim at a very difficult time of my life, and they really helped me release uncomfortable trapped emotions in the nicest way. I felt heard, considered & safe with her

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