How it all began

My journey began at 16 years old, when we lost my little brother. That was the first pivot in my life when I started questioning the meaning of life and the reasons why we're here.

My twenties, The denial decade

In my twenties, I turned my back to spirituality, and I went all in to prove I was invincible. During 10 years of endless achievements and poor lifestyle choices, I was totally disconnected from my body. I tried hard to avoid a deep pain, a sense of separation, and loneliness. I ended up in a hospital bed in 2013 with holes in my intestines—Crohn’s disease. Yet, that wasn't enough to wake me up.

It took a surgery, a year on heavy medication, pain killers, and repetitive questions of why I deserved this to finally change my path.

The rebirth

One morning in the shower, I heard, for the first time, an inner voice saying: "Enough is enough! If I can handle this hell, I can handle myself anywhere else!”

That was the day I decided to take responsibility for my own life. That decision changed me forever

Waking up to a life where I didn't recognize who I was left me with a single choice—travel to find myself again. I left everything behind, and I dedicated all my time to self-development and spirituality. I focused on healing, and I got off medication in 2017, again listening to my inner guidance. Since then, I live symptom free.

I was shocked I could heal my auto immune condition on my own, and got curious about what else we could heal.

I started sharing my practices and methods hosting workshops and co-facilitating retreats, and I witnessed the transformation and results in myself and others. My life experiences and setbacks started to make sense. I could see that everything I went through, was a gift in disguise, preparing me for a bigger purpose. Embodying the teaching and experiences allow me to help others on their journey back to themselves.
I deeply believe in the mind-body-gut-spirit connection. And I believe we need to address these different layers and ecosystems for a long-lasting transformation.

My Qualifications

  • Mindvalley Certified Life Coach

  • Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Soma Breath Certified Breath Therapy Instructor

  • TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercices) Level 2

  • Certified Yoga Instructor

The Missing Piece

Over time, I started questioning why we revert sometimes to the old habits. Why all the awareness of the world is not enough to prevent us from getting triggered. Why our mind could trick us. Why with time insights and Aha moments fade... These questions brang me to dig deeper into the science of the mind and what we call neuro science. Everything made sense!

I discovered the Positive Intelligence framework on my path and it was the missing piece I was looking for.

I went all in to learn and incorporate the modalities in my personal and professional practice, and it made such a difference in my way to guide my clients back into their power.

Today, I am a woman on a mission to help other women transcend the difficulties they're facing and tap into their infinite powers to transform their life from within.

We're all meant to live an extraordinary life and you're one decision away from your best life to unfold.

Rim Guermazi Coaching EI.

SIRET: 837479492 00030


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