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Hello my Dear, I’m Rim

From pain and confusion to thriving in life with purpose.

This is how I can summerise my own journey.

The WW Program


I had a tough beginning of the year and I felt lonely and lost. I joined the program with my bestie and this was the best investment we did for our well being. The group setting provided a support from other sisters commited to their success and wellbeing. Rim has an incredible capacity to hold us with love and bring the best out of us. The program is well designed and balanced between reflection exercices and body work. The app is gold! Danke :-)

The WW Program


I never experienced such a transformation in such a short time. This is not a standard online class. This is a total reset for what I believe I am and What I think I can do in my life. I joined thinking I don't have anything to lose as there was a full money guarantee refund and I can't believe what I could achieve in the last 3 months already. I sleep better, I am more focused and clear headed. I recognize much faster my saboteurs and I'm more in charge of where my attention is. I can dream bigger and allow myself to imagine a much better future. Thank you.

1-1 Coaching


I can't say enough good things about the work I did with Rim. I came in wanting to get over a tough divorce and I didn't expect to get so deep in the work. I feel you allowed me to get in corners of my personality I could not see by myself. What I didn't expect is to get the courage to also leave the company I thought I'd stay in for lifer and I'm jumping all in into my childhood dream. I still can't believe I'm doing this. Thank you thank you thank you!

1-1 Coaching


What a journey! The amount of awareness and transformation I gained working with Rim is incredible. I got stuck in a loop of repetitive patterns and tried many modalities. Rim has this incredible capacity to hold space and make you feel safe and heard. She combined different tools to help me shift my internal mechanisms. So grateful I found Rim when I was ready to do the work.


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